Our reputation services

Feels like your communication can’t keep up? ComLab is here to provide you with the expertise and support you need to help make sense of it all and maximize your impact.

Communications strategies – Developing results-driven communications strategies to support competitive advantage, improve reputation and contribute to the bottom-line.

Crisis communication – Providing support in managing and communicating during critical situations, including reputational crises, regulatory issues, and natural disasters.

Media relations – Helping to manage media relations, including developing and executing media strategy, creating messaging architecture, training and preparing company spokespeople, securing favorable media coverage, and managing media inquiries.

Digital communication – Developing and executing digital communication strategies, including social media, content creation, and website development.

Employee communication – Communicating with employees, including internal communications, change management, and employee engagement. Developing and executing employer branding strategies that help attracting and retaining talent.

Reputation research and analysis – Supporting understanding brand reputation, including reputation assessments, stakeholder research, and reputation tracking.